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Chilangos – Mexican Cantina has always believed in Five F’s since the launch of its first restaurant in 2015 at Goldsbrough Lane.

Food for All

Chilangos is Food for All restaurant in every true meaning undoubtedly. Whether you want to mess up with a taco for a small knick Knack or come to us for a big fat burrito – we have what you want. A salad to start with or some churros to end with. Chicken, Pork, Fish, Beef or if you are a vegetarian – we have all options for you. Kids, shopper,  workday lunch, on the go lunch, take away, home delivery, groupon or partying with friends – Chilangos has food for all.

Fresh N Healthy Food

Our customers vouch for our taste and keep coming back to us day after day. Such trust and taste can only mean the use of fresh ingredients and freshly cooked food. At Chilangos we make fresh food from scratch every day and sometimes twice on busy days. From rolling tortillas to freshly cooked fillings, zesty guacamole to homemade fresh salsa – the only key mantra at Chilangos is Fresh N Healthy.

Flavours N Authenticity

Chilangos means “belonging to Mexico City”.  Keeping a tuned to the meaning of the word, Chilangos is authentic traditional Mexican food without any fuss or fusion. Whether it is the slow-cooked beef, the homemade salsa, the crisp corn chips, the corn on cob or the churros – the one common essence in our menu is the authentic Mexican flavours.

Fast N Made to Order

Chilangos has an elaborate make to order menu. Once you make your mind for a burrito, burrito bowl, enchilada or a taco – it is not the end. You can take it on from there and choose not only your fillings but also decide the toppings. And of course, the generous fillings and extra toppings just make the whole experience of getting served in front of your own eyes extraordinary. And all this with the made to order meal well under a minute.

Fiesta Ambience

Whether you want to enjoy a handheld burrito on the swing or you want to sit comfortably without messing your taco, Chilangos has just the right ambience. Cosy and vibrant interiors do complete justice to the elaborate menu at Chilangos. Friday Fiestas, Hottest burrito competitions, mariachi band – It is always Food Fiesta at Chilangos.

Our Five F’s make Chilangos a Foodie Paradise indeed! Come and visit us.

Dhiraj Vig

Chilangos – Mexican Cantina

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